Spare filter FFP2 Blossum-Mask Lite x5

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Pack of 5 Spare filters for antipollution mask Blossum-Mask Lite.


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Available in 2 sizes : M & L. 


To replace the filter,

  • Unscrew the exhalation valve,
  • Remove the filter,
  • Place the spare filter, inside the mask, the white part towards the outside,
  • Screw the valve in the direction indicated by the arrows located on the inside part of the valve.


  • Blossum-Mask Lite offers effective protection against particles and dust for commuter and recreational walking and cycling in urban areas.
  • Blossum-mask Lite prevents and limits respiratory allergies caused by pollens, mites, animal hair, molds... It is recommended in the prevention of asthma and allergic rhinitis
  • Effective against domestic pollution (DIY, gardening, dust, house hold products, passive smoking ...)
  • Reduces odors.


The cotton mask is machine washable at a temperature of 30°C. Do not tumble dry, do not bleach, do not iron.

Replace the filter every 8 hours of use. The process is easy and quick. Please refer to section FAQ to read the instructions for use.  


  • Blossum-mask is not indicated for use in contact with chemicals, gases or vapors.
  • This mask does not eliminate the risk of disease or infection and is intended for general public use.
  • Do not use this mask in explosive atmospheres or atmospheres defi cient in oxygen.



  • It is unlikely that the sealing requirements will be met if beard hair passes under the face seal.
  • Dispose of and replace the mask and/or filter if damaged or seem to hamper your breathing.
  • Replace the filter every 8 hours of use.
  • Do not use the cotton mask more than 3 years.
  • Inspect the mask before each use. Check that the valve is clean and secure.

Data sheet

Material Components
Polypropylene filter media, activated carbon.
INCLUDED IN THE PACK 5 spare filters.
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Déclaration UE de conformité

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UE Declaration of conformity

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