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Blossum Mask Bag is a textile heating bag, the size of a purse. When connected to a power source, the heat kills certain viruses and bacteria on masks that have been worn. Blossum Mask Bag can be used with both disposable and fabric masks.


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Introducing Blossum Mask Bag

How It Works ?

Simple, Quick & Effective

1. Slide the mask into the pouch and close with the press studs.
2. Plug in and press the central button for 3 seconds.
3. A light flashes slowly, this is the signal that the decontamination process is starting!
4. Wait 1 hour 30 minutes then take out the mask at the end of the cycle.

You can re-wear your mask with peace of mind, without fear of bacteria and viruses.

Effectiveness Testings and Markings 

At Blossum, we attach great importance to the efficiency and reliability of our products. This is why we had the Blossum Mask Bag tested for its effectiveness by l'Institut Pasteur de Lille. 

Testings were carried out using human Coronavirus strain 229E (HCoV-229E) on surgical masks. The results show that the Blossum Mask Bag removes more than 99.9999% of Human Coronavirus 229E* from the surface of surgical masks over a cycle of 30 minutes heating and 57 minutes holding time.

*Human Coronavirus HCoV-229E is a different virus but belongs to the same family as the virus responsible for COVID-19, SARS-COV-2.

Additional testings have been carried out. 

- Testing performed by the Guangzhou Institute of Microbiology, a CNAS and CMA accredited laboratory, on surgical masks contaminated with Escherichia coli bacteria. Results: reduction of the E-Coli bacterial load by 99.94%.

- CE marking according to the French standard NF60335-1

- RoHS and REACH compliant


EASY TO USE : Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime, decontaminate the masks you've been wearing. The Blossum Mask Bag can be taken anywhere, plugged into a powerbank, a cigarette lighter, a computer or a power socket. 

HEALTHY : Using heat, at 70°C-158°F during 60 minutes, the Blossum Mask Bag kills certain viruses and bacteria, which do not survive at high temperature for a certain period of time. *see effectiveness tests results below in the story.

PLANET FRIENDLY : Disposable masks, which are widely used, are composed of more than 90% plastic and take up to 500 years to decompose. Reducing their consumption is becoming a challenge for waste management on our planet. It also reduces the number of washes cycles for fabric masks.  

ECONOMIC : All masks car be treated with the Blossum Mask Bag including disposable masks. Once decontaminated, you will be able to reuse your mask. With the Blossum Mask Bag, save money.

What's In ?

  • Uses microcontroller technology to manage the right cycle : reaching the desired temperature 70°C-158°F, decontamination time & temperature cooling.
  • Temperature sensor to guarantee inside temperature
  • Flexible NTC Thermistor IPX3 and Japan aluminum foil with high temperature resistant silicone => allowing a flexible and long-lasting device

Which power sources ?

 The Blossum Mask Bag  is equipped with a USB plug that connects to any DC 5V-9.5W 2A minimum power source :

  •        Portable charger or powerbank
  •        USB power outlet
  •        Car lighter
  •        Computer USB port

For which type of masks ?

The Blossum Mask Bag  is designed for all types of washable fabric masks and disposable masks such as 3-ply surgical masks, FFP2. (4 decontaminations maximum for disposable masks).

Is the Blossum Mask Bag Labelled ?

All requested validation have been carried out. The Blossum Mask Bag is compliant with the following norms & marks : FCC, CE, RoHS, REACH.