Introducing Blossum Mask Bag

The textile heating pouch to decontaminate masks, tested by Institut Pasteur de Lille

What is the Blossum Mask Bag?

Blossum Mask Bag is a textile heating bag, the size of a purse. When connected to a power source, the heat kills viruses and bacteria which do not survive at high temperature, on masks that have been worn. Blossum Mask Bag can be used with both disposable and fabric masks. 

Why use it?

The Blossum Mask Bag allows washable fabric masks and disposable masks - such as 3-ply surgical or FFP2 - to be reused several times in security.

It therefore reduces your mask consumption, thus reducing your ecological footprint, and saves you money. The BmB is at the same time ecological, healthy, economical and easy to use.

How to use it?

The Blossum Mask Bag has been designed to meet the health, environmental and economic challenges of this period. It extends the life of each mask and keeps it in a safe place between uses. Simple, effective and easy to use, this product is accessible to everyone.

Directions for use :

1. Slide the mask into the pouch ;
2. Plug the USB cable into a power source ;
3. Press the button and wait 90 minutes ;
4. Then reuse the mask.

The Blossum Mask bag is equipped with a USB cable that can be connected to different power sources: external battery, USB plug, laptop USB port, car cigarette lighter socket, etc. 

Testings and Markings 

At Blossum, we attach great importance to the efficiency and reliability of our products. This is why we had the Blossum Mask Bag tested for its effectiveness by l'Institut Pasteur de Lille. 

Testingss were carried out using human Coronavirus strain 229E (HCoV-229E) on surgical masks. The results show that the Blossum Mask Bag removes more than 99.9999% of Human Coronavirus 229E* from the surface of surgical masks over a cycle of 30 minutes heating and 57 minutes holding time.

*Human Coronavirus HCoV-229E is a different virus but belongs to the same family as the virus responsible for COVID-19, SARS-COV-2.

Additional testings have been carried out. 

- Testing performed by the Guangzhou Institute of Microbiology, a CNAS and CMA accredited laboratory, on surgical masks contaminated with Escherichia coli bacteria. Results: reduction of the E-Coli bacterial load by 99.94%.

- CE marking according to the French standard NF60335-1

- RoHS and REACH compliant

Technical information 

• Designed for fabric and disposable masks

• Power Sources :
- DC 5V-9.5W 2A minimum
- USB port
- External battery, USB socket, laptop USB port, car cigarette lighter socket

• 1 Decontamination cycle of 95 minutes :
- 30 minutes to reach the temperature of 70°C
- 60 minutes heating at 70°C
- 5 minutes cooling time