Blossum team

At Blossum, we come from the world of sports and are used to designing and developing technical products for demanding users.

Like most of you, we travel by bike, scooter, scooter in town and face regular pollution spikes. Concerned about our well-being and our health, we looked for an anti-pollution mask to protect us. But we did not find masks with our criteria; that is, a reliable mask (CE certified), while being beautiful, comfortable and affordable. We can find CE certified masks but at high prices, otherwise inexpensive masks but without any guarantee of efficiency.

That's how the idea was born to design a Blossum-Mask Lite.


Blossum-Mask Lite is an anti-pollution mask, CE certified by APAVE.

APAVE is a French certification body, one of the most demanding in its field. Our approach with the APAVE allowed us to develop an effective mask, comfortable and practical.

Blossum-Mask Lite is a reusable anti-pollution mask. It is equipped with a removable filter, allowing to change it after a use of about 8 hours. The "reusable" nature of our masks guarantees long-term efficiency and excellent value for money.


Blossum-Mask Lite is a "fun" anti-pollution mask, available in different colors and patterns.

This makes the wearing of an anti-pollution mask less "dramatic" and can even be a fashion accessory, matching the color of his bike, his socks ...


Wearing a mask in town is not a reflex, far from it.

When we presented the project to our entourage and even asked to test them, the reflections were not long in coming ...

"A mask, what an idea! It's for the Chinese

"It's ugly, I'll look like an alien."

"It's not practical, I will not be able to breathe"

And then they tried it and the reactions changed.

"Super comfortable"

"It's still better, the smell of exhaust pipes did not fail me"

"Top, now he's still in my bag near my bike lights"

As a team, we regularly meet to brainstorm on society, its needs, and how we can best meet them.

Late March this year, with COVID-19 aggressively spreading across Europe, all countries have to face shortages of masks and protective gear. Wearing a mask now being mandatory in many places, both economical and environmental challenges are posed. Billions of masks are used and discarded around the world - masks take 500 years to degrade and are composed of more than 90% non-recyclable materials. This new pollution is a disaster for the planet. Masks have also become everyday products and therefore a new line on your budget - approx 100€ per month for a family of 4.

In collaboration with our taiwanese partner, design office specialized in electronics, we came up with the idea of using heat to kill viruses and bacteria on contaminated masks. The original idea was to extend the usable life of each disposable mask and to safely store the mask between use. 

That's how Blossum Mask Bag was born.