Why should you offer an electric scooter for Christmas?

Why should you offer an electric scooter for Christmas?


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We are fast approaching the end of the year celebrations, and like every year, you are still looking for a gift that is both original and affordable, and which will not end up in the garage because your man doesn’t use it.

At Blossum Mask, we love to share eco-friendly tips and solutions with you, and that's why we’re giving you a few reasons why you should offer an electric scooter for Christmas.

A practical and fun gift

The electric scooter is a means of transportation that has grown significantly in recent years. The main reason why these scooters are used so much is because they are a fast, fun and easy way to get around.

No more traffic stress, traffic jams and unpleasant surprises due to urban traffic. Get some fresh air every morning before you go to work, and arrive at the office with a smile.

No need to take the car, the overloaded buses and subways; only take your scooter and take the path that makes you happy. Vary your itineraries so as not to create a routine, and take the opportunity to rediscover the most beautiful places in your city.

However, nothing prevents you from completing your journey with public transport. You want to take the metro and then finish your trip outside? Fold your scooter and keep it with you!

Make him save money

What could be less expensive than a full charge for pennies?

Thanks to the scooter, you no longer need to pay several tens of euros for gasoline, parking or public transport subscription.

We can consider the average price of a scooter to be around € 500. Assuming that riding a scooter saves € 35 per month, it will take a little over a year to make your purchase profitable.

If your companion is already a fan of self-service scooters, then now is probably the time to become an owner! Your purchase will be amortized in just a few months.

Participate in eco-responsible mobility

Opting for electric mobility also means becoming a player in greener mobility that is better for the planet. By switching to electric, you reduce your carbon footprint and help to reduce air pollution in urban spaces.

The longer you keep a scooter, the lower its ecological impact is. Although self-service scooters are not very good for the environment given their lifespan (2 to 3 months on average), the lifespan of proprietary scooters can vary between 2 and 5 years, depending on the use and care given to it.

Ecology is a major issue today, and every action at any scale is important.

To whom should you offer an electric scooter?

So who should you get an electric scooter to?

The legislation allows the use of electric scooters from 12 years old, so you can offer one to:

- your child, to make trips to school more fun
- your partner, to make their life easier
- a parent, because there is no age to ride a scooter
- a friend, for a useful and original gift

So if you want to offer a gift that will last in the long term, and that will change the life of the person who will receive it, opt for the electric scooter!

You can also take a look at our article on New Ways to Get Around to discover other electric mobility devices, which are great alternatives to scooters.

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