Tips and tricks to reduce air pollution

Tips and tricks to reduce air pollution


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In France, air pollution is responsible for more than 48,000 premature deaths per year and is one of the biggest environmental concerns of french people (source : It is therefore essential to fight this pollution and find ways to avoid these harmful inhalations. That's why we offer you a small list of things to do every day to preserve your health and others’.

To travel

Public transport

It is important to focus on public transport rather than car travel, especially for short trips. All cities have bus, subway, train and/or tram networks to get around everywhere, so why not benefit from it? It's cheaper and faster at peak times! And this remains one of the best ways to reduce air pollution in the heart of cities. If we could reduce the number of cars in circulation, the air of our cities would be much more breathable!

By bike, scooter or on foot

For short trips, you do not need to take your car. A bike, a scooter or your feet are an ideal solution! Not only it’s good for your health to do a daily physical activity, but also the carbon footprint of your trip is null! It’s more pleasant, isn’t it?

And thanks to the self-service bike fleets, you do not have to invest in your own vehicle, you can take advantage of the solutions put in place by the agglomerations.

By car

For trips that do not offer alternative public transport or cycling, opt for the car and follow a few simple rules and common sense:

  • Choose a car model with low fuel consumption. There is a multitude of car and one will necessarily match your needs, so make a smart choice!
  • When traveling, be sure to respect speed limits. It’s useless to drive fast because it increase the pollutants emitted by your vehicle. In addition, abrupt driving leads to overconsumption and therefore a higher than normal emission of gas.
  • Remember to shut down your engine during extended stops. A car with a motor on during a stop of more than 10 seconds pollutes more than a restart.
  • Avoid putting on air conditioning whenever you can. Opening a window when it is hot is much less polluting. If you cannot survive without it, we advise you to put it in closed circuit to prevent the polluted air from the outside from circulating in the cockpit of your car.
  • Avoid extra trips. When you can, consider sharing your car or someone else's car to reduce the number of cars. Also, minimize your business trips, telework for example is a good way to reduce them.


When you are walking outside and especially in town, use an anti-pollution mask. These filter pollution particles and dust present in the air and are ideal to avoid inhalation of atmospheric pollution. They are available on our website and are CE certified (compliant with EU legislation). They filter more than 94% of the outside air.

At home

  • We've all heard our parents tell us "it's not Versailles here!” And they were right. Remember to turn off the lights when you leave a room. Also think that sunlight is much healthier than our electric lights, so opening your shutters during the day not only saves money, but also to reduce pollution and improve health.
  • Do not smoke. We know it's hard to stop but the cigarette is responsible for one in three cancer in France. The air is polluted enough not to add the useless one of our cigarettes. Think about the long term and above all, think of others.
  • Avoid products containing solvents (paint, degreaser, textile ...) or use them sparingly. Remember to close the caps after use to prevent them from spreading in the air.
  • Check your combustion appliances regularly to make sure there are no carbon monoxide leaks. And for those who have a fireplace, a sweeping is mandatory at least once a year.
  • Sort your waste and use recycled products. It reduces the amount of waste incinerated and therefore air pollution.
  • Candles, indoor perfumes and incense contribute to the degradation of the air so use them with moderation.
  • Watch out for mosquito sprays and other insects, always ventilate your home when using it.

The pollution will not be erased overnight but if we all make efforts each of us can participate in the cleansing of our environment!

So, on your masks… get set… go!

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