The characteristics of the BmB and how to use it

The characteristics of the BmB and how to use it


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Do you know the Blossum Mask Bag? Learn more about our new innovative, healthy and planet friendly product.

What is the Blossum Mask Bag?

The Blossum Mask Bag is a wallet-sized textile pouch with a USB cord that plugs into a power source such as a computer's USB port, an external battery, a cigarette lighter socket, etc. By heating, the heat destroys the viruses * and bacteria * present on the mask.

* efficacy tested on E-Coli bacteria and human coronavirus HCoV-229 E - see results at the end of the article

Why should I use it?

The Blossum Mask Bag is a concrete alternative that allows masks made of washable fabrics and single-use masks - of the 3-fold surgical type or FFP2 - to be reused several times (4 decontamination cycles for disposable masks).

It therefore reduces your consumption of masks, thus reducing your ecological footprint, and saves you money. The BmB is at the same time ecological, healthy, economical and easy to use.

How to use it?

Simple, easy to use and effective, this product is accessible to everyone and decontaminates used masks by giving them a second life in 4 quick and easy steps:

- Slide the used mask into the pouch;

- Connect the USB cable to a power source;

- Press the button and wait 90 minutes;

- Then re-use the healthy mask.

The Blossum Mask bag is equipped with a USB cord that can be plugged into different power sources: external battery, USB socket, laptop USB port, car cigarette lighter socket, etc.

The Blossum Mask Bag is CE certified according to French standard NF 60335-1 and complies with ROHS / REACH directives.

In addition, the effectiveness of the Blossum Mask Bag has been tested by various laboratories, on various strains of viruses and bacteria, and achieved a reduction of 99.9999% of the initial viral load.

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