New ways of moving around

New ways of moving around


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There are many ways to move around these days, ranging from cars and public transport to Personal Motorized Displacement Vehicles (PMDV).

These machines are developing for several years now, and are growing exponentially, attracting more and more people. Often brought to test these new means of transport out of curiosity, they come out most of the time seduced, and only move with their electric scooters, monowheels, gyropods or electric skates ...

We have therefore decided to present to you the reasons why you should choose these new ways of getting around, which are respectful of the environment, but not only.


No traffic jams, no parking space to find, no constraint, no waiting time… You avoid all these multiple sources of wasted time.

Did you know that a car travels at an average speed of 14km/h in the city, while electric vehicles travel at an average speed of 20km/h ? Thus, getting around by electric scooter, electric wheel, or electric bike can sometimes save you a quarter of the time you would have spent in the car, or even more !


All electric mobility devices are an economical and environmentally friendly way to get around, since using electric power allows you to recharge which costs only a few cents (about 50 cents per 100 km).

You’ll also save money by avoiding parking costs, maintenance of your vehicle, and it will allow you to no longer have to pay for public transports.

Believe us, the initial investment will quickly become profitable !


Whether it is the electric bike, the scooter or the solowheel, all these electric mobility equipments are modern and fun ways of moving around. They are obviously real means of transport, but can quickly become sports activities.


All of the above ways of transportation emit no greenhouse gases, and the energy it takes to use them has nothing to do with the energy needed to run a car.

By opting for an electric vehicle, you are opting for an eco-responsible way of traveling, which will save you time on a daily basis, while making your journeys entertaining. No more bad mood to go to work!

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