Let us give priority to alternative mobility solutions to the car!

Let us give priority to alternative mobility solutions to the car!


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Mobility concerns us all and it is important to be responsible for the issues related to it.

According to a UNICEF survey in 2020, 70% of parents say they use the car to take their children to school, even though they live within 2 km.

This ease of taking the car for such short journeys causes traffic jams, stress for parents / children and significant pollution around the school. In addition to impacting everyone physically and mentally, excessive car use has an impact on the economy.

So here is why you no longer use your car on all your journeys.

The harmful effects of the car

The car is stressful

A study conducted by McGill University in Montreal found that each form of transportation generates a different level of stress.
After interviewing 4,000 people at the end of a very long winter, and it was still very cold, the researchers established a ranking.

Unsurprisingly, the car was rated as the most stressful form of transportation.

This is partly because drivers have to allow plenty of time in the event of a problem, but also because driving requires constant concentration and causes more boredom.

You are more exposed to pollution

Contrary to what we might think, car trips are the times of the day when we are most exposed to pollution.

It is important to stress that pollution can represent a significant risk to health.
Indeed, studies show an increase in hospitalizations, due in particular to an increase in heart attacks (fatal or not), during periods of high air pollution.

In addition, pollution promotes the development of lung diseases and cancer in the long term.

So why not change?

At Blossum, we like to offer you alternative solutions to traditional means of transport.
There are many ways to get around easily, for less, while being more environmentally friendly.

This is why we can only advise you to opt for alternative solutions, such as bicycles or electric mobility devices (electric scooter, gyro, gyropod, etc.).
These machines take the worry out of road traffic, car maintenance, having to find a parking space, delays in public transport, the morning crowds in the metro.

In addition to being better for your body, these machines are fun, and will make your journeys more pleasant, adding real pleasure to your daily journeys.

In order to obtain more information about these new ways of getting around, we invite you to see our article dedicated to the subject.

But how do you protect yourself?

In order to limit the effects of pollution on your respiratory system, Blossum Mask has developed anti-pollution masks, FFP2 * certified, which protect you against solid and liquid dust in the air.
So no longer fear headaches, coughing, or other pollution-related problems.
* CE certified, class FFP2, in accordance with European standard EN149 + A1: 2009

In times of a global pandemic, it is important to protect others while protecting yourself. Remember to wear your mask to filter the air you breathe, and thus protect your health in the short, medium and long term.

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