Learn about the quality of the air

Learn about the quality of the air


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Air quality is one of the most important concerns of french people and the rest of the world. Air pollution is responsible for 48,000 deaths per year in France. It contains fine particles that cause many cardiovascular, respiratory and neurological diseases, as well as a large number of cancers. This puts it in third place of causes of avoidable death in France after tobacco and alcohol.

Although pollution is everywhere, air quality is generally the worst in urban areas. There are two types of air quality indicator in France offering a synthetic view of it from the monitoring of different pollutants. The ATMO index is used for agglomerations with more than 100,000 inhabitants, while the IQA index is for smaller agglomerations.

These indicators are a daily estimation of the level of air pollution in each region or city. This estimation is based on 4 major pollutants: sulfur dioxide (SO2), nitrogen dioxide (NO2), ozone (O3) and fine particles (PM10). The overall index takes the value of the highest sub-index of the four. Calculated from 0 to 24h, it is estimated during the day and is subject to a trend forecast for the next day.

There are several sites that allow individuals to access this information, here is a non-exhaustive list:


European Environment Agency (Europe only)

Plume Labs



There are many others, especially for smaller areas or just for a specific city. You will necessarily find the information you are looking for on these sites.

No matter the pollution rate around you, pollutants are ubiquitous in the air and we can only advise you to protect you and your loved ones well. Our masks are a great way to make a barrier between this pollution and your lungs, so do not hesitate to check out our online store!

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