How to travel in a polluted country?

How to travel in a polluted country?


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As soon as we talk about "air pollution", we immediately think of Asia (China in particular) and its cities so polluted that their inhabitants walk with masks in front of their mouths. However, this phenomenon also affects many large cities in Europe and North America. When planning your stay abroad, consider taking some precautions before and during your trip.

Before departure: be careful!

  • Before leaving, find out about the pollution rate of your destination. You can go to to check the air quality index but there are several other sites that provide this kind of information. This index considers 3 pollutants: nitrogen dioxide, fine particles and ozone. It will tell you the degree of pollution in the air and the risk to health.

Also pay attention to the period you are leaving. Some destinations have air pollution for only a few months because of the temperature or events (forest fires, storms, etc.) so be sure to prepare for your trip.

  • Also plan the activities you want to do because some may not be possible due to pollution reasons. Try to do as much indoor activity as possible (museum, shopping, etc.) especially on days when the air quality is really bad.
  • Choose your place of residence. It would be a shame to get intoxicated even inside your hotel. Therefore, privilege establishments (hotels, restaurants, bars) that are equipped with air purifiers.

Once there: Protect yourself!

  • In a country where even the air is harmful, you will have to avoid a maximum of contact with the outside. Do not hesitate to cover yourself as much as possible and even to put on gloves if necessary. The shower will be your best ally to remove the particles that will be deposited on your skin and your hair. Wash your clothes well so that they do not become immersed in the ambient pollution. Remember to put sunscreen and moisturizer as soon as you can to keep your skin healthy.
  • Do not leave without an anti-pollution mask! These are specially designed to prevent you from breathing the particles present in the air and thus preserve your lungs. They filter a large part of the pollution and therefore allow you to exit without risk. Choose the size of your mask and remember to change the filter every 8 hours so that it remains effective. A selection of CE certified masks is available on our website so do not hesitate to equip before departure.

So, on your masks… get set… go!

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