Green ideas to set up in your company

Green ideas to set up in your company


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Like many of us, you have an ecological conscience: you sort your garbage at home, turn off the water when you wash your hands, turn off the lights when you leave a room… But you have trouble putting that kind of practice in place at work. There are many ways to make your workspace an ecological and economical place, we are here to give you an overview.

Composting organic waste:

Why not start by simply setting up a compost system in your company? Mandatory decree since July 1, 2016, French companies are forced to sort their wastepaper, metal, plastic, glass and wood. But what about organic waste? The majority go to the garbage and end its life in a landfill. However, it would be enough to install compost bins in the premises to avoid this mess. Some companies are proposing to collect this waste and turn it into compost, which will then be reused for various uses. For example, Les Alchimistes in Paris, sell the fertilizer obtained to both individuals and professionals to participate in the revegetation of the city.

Moreover, remember not to throw away too much, by setting up, for example, a collaborative fridge system. The concept is simple, it is enough to share with your colleagues the food surpluses, the products whose consumption deadline is close or simply leftovers to avoid waste.

No plastic coffee break:

Plastic cups are a poison to our planet. Thrown away by thousands each year, most are incinerated or crammed into landfills where they will take hundreds of years to decompose. The simplest solution is to remove these cups from circulation and replace them with eco-cups or mugs.

In addition, some companies use capsule coffee machines. These single-use capsules follow the same path as plastic cups. So, opt for a piston coffee maker that will allow you not only to ban these small capsules but also to recover the coffee grounds. It can then be placed in your compost for reuse.

Managing power consumption:

Remember to turn off your computer when you leave, including the screen. Also, when you are absent for a certain amount of time (meeting, lunch break, etc.) during which you will not be in front of your computer, try at least to turn off the screen. You can also do the same for your other devices (printers, fax, etc.)

Use an environmentally responsible search engine. The most widespread is Ecosia, which participates in a reforestation program in several countries (Burkina Faso, Tanzania, Peru, etc.). Each of your research generates revenue through clickable advertising links that will allow the company to finance tree planting. Free of charge, this search engine neutralizes 100% of the CO2 emissions of its servers, infrastructure, premises and devices of its users through a carbon offset project. It’s a good way to act while staying comfortably seated in front of a computer, don’t you think?

Clean up your mailbox. Many people don’t know this, but data storage is very energy-intensive and cleaning up your email allows a significant energy saving. Those with heavy attachments are first to be dealt with.

Optimize impressions:

Don’t print everything indiscriminately. Before you press the “print” button, ask yourself if this is really useful. Can’t this file be transmitted in another way? Do I really need to print this email? This will help you avoid the waste of paper, ink and energy. If you really need to print something, focus on double-sided copies to save 50% of the paper. Also consider using recycled and recyclable paper. You can even use draft paper when it’s comfortable. Finally, don’t print in color when you can do without it. Black and white prints require less ink and less energy from your machine.

Economic toilets:

To save water, several solutions are available to you. You can first install double flush toilets so the water consumption is optimal. Second, why not set up urinals without water in men’s toilets? These will save you a lot of water! Technogreen offers this kind of eco-friendly and innovative alternatives. It is also interesting to install push valves so that water is not used unnecessarily. And goodbye, paper towels! Choose low-energy hand dryers or simply let your hands dry in the open air when you can.

Smart purchases:

First make an inventory with your colleagues to agree on what needs to be ordered. It would be stupid to order supplies to finally realize that the office neighbor already had them. This also allows group orders to avoid everyone doing that in its own corner and causes many deliveries.

Also try to choose green supplies. There are many companies that offer recycled or low-carbon production’s products.

Decorating with plants:

It is a well-known fact that plants clean the air. Absorbing CO2, they improve air quality while adding a touch of nature to your workspace. In addition, some of them neutralize the waves of computers, allowing a significant advantage as we see the number of people working in front of a screen. Choose them well because some are more effective than others, for example spathiphyllum is known for its depolluting properties.

Now that you hold the key to the solution, it’s up to you! Of course, these tips are just a few ideas out of hundreds, but it gives you a starting point. Then, do not hesitate to research about green initiatives and new innovations implemented in other companies to help you in your approach.

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