From the idea to the realization of the Blossum Mask Bag

From the idea to the realization of the Blossum Mask Bag


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Discover everything about the Blossum Mask Bag, from design to product launch.

Where does the idea of the BmB come from?

At the end of March of this year, as COVID-19 aggressively spreads across Europe, all states face a shortage of masks and protective gear. Since wearing a mask is now mandatory in many places, there are both environmental and economic challenges. Billions of masks are used and discarded around the world - masks take 500 years to degrade and are made of over 90% non-recyclable materials. This new pollution is a disaster for the planet.

In addition, masks have become everyday products and therefore a new line on your budget - around € 150 per month for a family of 4 *.

It is in this context, which is both complex and unprecedented, that the idea of ​​the Blossum Mask Bag was born, which would make it possible to decontaminate masks after each use, in a simple, effective and portable way. Thus, it helps reduce the cost of buying masks, while being healthy and planet friendly.

* see our article All about masks

The team behind the project

The Blossum Mask Bag is the result of a Franco-Taiwanese collaboration between Totem Tech and Blossum.

Totem Tech is a design office specializing in electronics, with experience in heating products. Based in Taiwan for 32 years, Totem Tech has been focusing on product design in the field of beauty and wellness.

Blossum started its activities 8 years ago by helping different brands in the launch of their international products in European markets. In 2017, its activity evolved towards the development and distribution of CE certified antipollution masks.

By uniting, Totem Tech and Blossum share the same values ​​and a common vision: to put technology at the service of well-being and daily health.

As a team, we meet regularly to think about the company, its needs and how best to meet them.

Product design

The original idea was to extend the life of each disposable mask and keep it in a safe place between uses.

Since we had experience in making electrical products and pollution masks, we came up with the idea of ​​using heat to kill viruses and bacteria on the contaminated masks.

This is how the Blossum Mask Bag was created.

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