All about masks

All about masks


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Masks are more and more present on a daily basis, as they are now mandatory in many places, such as on public transport, certain places outdoors, but also at work.


We are currently living in a period that is both unprecedented and historic. Countries around the world are affected, and all are facing the Covid-19 pandemic. Containment has been a major event of 2020, and since then, masks have become an indispensable tool since its end. Initially compulsory on public transport and in certain places in contact with the public, the wearing of a mask is now compulsory in all enclosed places and in busy places in many cities. Whether it is during our outings, or even at work, we are always accompanied by our masks.


Several estimates show that the purchase and use of masks (as recommended, using two masks per day) is a considerable budget each month. According to a study conducted by, the estimate can range from € 24 per person (8 masks per month), using only fabric masks, to € 57 per person (60 masks per month) for use of surgical masks. Reported to a family with two children, this would represent a budget ranging from 96 € (32 fabric masks) to 228 € (240 disposable masks) per month.

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The different types of masks

There are several types of masks, but what are they, and what's the difference between each?

  • so-called “surgical” anti-projection masks are designed to prevent those who wear them from emitting secretions and contaminating others.
  • individual respiratory protection masks (FFP2, KN95, N95, NIOSH masks) are equipped with an inspired air filter system. They are intended to protect the wearer from the risks of inhaling infectious agents.
  • washable masks for non-sanitary use UNS 1 and UNS 2 are intended for the professional environment in contact with the public and are exclusively reserved for Non-Sanitary Uses (UNS). Like surgical masks, they are intended to prevent droplet projections.

We remind you that the use of masks is part of the strict application of measures related to health restrictions, work organization measures and barrier gestures.

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